Learning to Pray

Learning to Pray book study This fall join Sr. Judith Mary Frederick and friends on a journey through Learning to Pray, a Guide for Everyone by Father James Martin. Fr. Martin explains what prayer is, what to expect from praying, how to do it, and how it can transform us when we make it a regular practice in our lives.

The book is a profound and practical handbook. The different styles and traditions of prayer throughout Christian history are laid out there is an invitation to experiment and discover which works best to feed our soul and build intimacy with God.

Fr. Martin makes clear there is not one secret formula for praying. But, like any relationship, each person can discover the best style for building this intimate relationship. Prayer, he teaches us, is open and accessible to anyone willing to open their heart. (Goodreads)

Get the book from your favorite bookseller, read Chapters 1 & 2, and join us on Sept. 13.

Wednesdays, September 13 through November 15


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