Timeless Wisdom

Virtually all things are possible. Brew up some strong coffee, pick out a sweet and sit with us at Lalla’s Coffee Shop for a meeting of minds and souls across the ages and traditions.

Story is at the heart of many wisdom traditions. Sip your coffee as these teachers share their wisdom stories and find so much in common. You will be transported on storyteller Sheila Otto’s magic carpet. Lalla, a 14th century Kashmira poet is the hostess for the gathering. She usually invites a very diverse group, as are you. In the past she has invited poets, storytellers, troubadours and preachers from across time to share their stories and wisdom. She has invited Rumi, Hafiz, Jesus, Francis, the Bal ShemTov, Nasruddin, the Buddha, and her friend and fellow woman poet Rabia. You can never know who will show up today. Come join the circle of soul friends. Be prepared to make new friends and maybe even tell a story yourself if you wish.

You will want to join us for this exciting event via zoom on March 20 to be held from 1-3 p.m.
Register by February 26 by clicking on the Register/pay here button at the top of the page.   Once registered, you will receive a link closer to March 20.     Donations are appreciated.

(Sheila is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, spiritual director, dog lover and is a storyteller with a special interest in wisdom stories from around the world. She shares photography as a storytelling spiritual practice in her Soulsnorkeling Contemplative Photography classes. Among her favorite historical figures have been Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, Civil War doctor and only woman to win the Medal of Honor, St. Clare of Assisi, St. Francis' friend Brother Maxmilliano, Mother Teresa and Brer Rabbit. Her underlying conviction is that play and pray are but one letter apart, so anytime she is telling stories there will be plenty of interaction, fun and even some learning.  Sheila earned a BA in French, Chatham College; MEd in education, Goucher College; MEd in Guidance and Counseling, UT; Certificate in Spiritual Direction, Lourdes University; she also served for 10 years as Lourdes University PR Director)

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