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Visio Divina
   by Sr. Diane Marie Pfahler, SND

 Visio Divina is "Sacred Seeing." It is a slow, reflective contemplation of a work of art, a picture, or a photograph, searching out in the reflection the message or insight God might want us to take away from the experience. During our evening session, we will be united in prayerful reflection of several visual pieces. Sr. Diane Marie Pfahler stumbled upon Visio Divina in her own prayer but has also experienced it repeatedly as led by artist Mary Southard, CSJ
Date: November 10
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Cost: $15.00 To register:
Go to "Register/Pay here" on our website: lialrenewalcenter.org or call Sr. Rosemary: 419-877-0432.
Registration due: November 5