Introducing our Spiritual Directors...

Our trained spiritual directors are there to help you discern God's working in your life.

Sr. Marilyn Ann Angel

Do you love God? Or are you in love with God? In spiritual companionship/spiritual direction, the directee and I share and reflect together how God is present in all life’s experiences, in prayer and in relationships . Through this on-going sharing, the directee will come to a more meaningful and deeper love relationship with God. I received my three-year spiritual direction training through a diocesan sponsored program directed by Sr. Carol Ann Smith, SHCJ, in Toledo, Ohio at Lourdes University. This program included an extra year of training for directing retreats.

Sr. Marilyn Ann is in the  Port Clinton, OH area

[email protected]

Sr. Mary Ann Baran, SND

Job title or function

I received a Certificate in Ignatian Spirituality and Spiritual Direction from the Ignatian Spirituality Institute  John Carroll University in 2005.  Currently, I visit with the elderly at Cleveland's Collingwood neighborhood and provide individual spiritual direction to those who request it.  I try to create a "sacred space" to help directees get in touch more deeply with themselves and their God.  I am located in the Cleveland area: [email protected] or call:  440-226-4577.

Sr. Joyce Marie Bates

I received certification from Manresa Retreat Center in 1995 and have a background in Ignatian Spirituality including the Spiritual Exercises and therefore can accompany a person in the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises. I believe my role is to be a good listener and to walk with the directee.

Sr. Joyce is in the Norwalk, OH area

[email protected]

Sr. Sally Marie Bohnett

I received a Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality and my certification in spiritual direction from Creighton University in 1994. My ministries have included pastoral ministry and teaching Religion at the high school level and most recently college campus ministry. I consider it a privilege to walk with persons who desire a closer relationship with God in their lives. I have always loved the description of a spiritual director that one of my instructors at Creighton would often use - a midwife. As a midwife assists in the birth of a child, the director walks with the directee in his or her yearning to bring Christ to birth in one’s everyday life.

Sr. Sally is in the Toledo, OH area

[email protected]

Sr. Mary Ann Burke

Job title or function

I was certified as a Spiritual Director through the Ignatian Spirituality institute at John Carroll University in the class of 2006.  I went to Guelph, Canada, for a summer workshop on Ignatian spiritual direction.  I listen to what each person wants and to what God is saying to me.  We move on from there listening for God's nudges.  Phone:  440-313-8175;  or  [email protected]

Sr. Joanne Mary Frania

In spiritual direction I accompany persons on their life journeys, listening for how God may be leading them to facilitate their growth in their relationship with God and finding God as integral in their daily living. In 1998 I was trained in the 5-month Resident Associate Program at the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth in Wernersville, PA; in 2000 I returned for their 30-day Associate Program in order to direct the 30-day retreat and the Nineteenth Annotation retreat according to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Sr. Joanne Mary is at Lial Renewal Center

[email protected]

Sr. Mary Deborah Giles

Sister Mary Deborah Giles received her MA in Christian Spirituality with certification for retreat and spiritual direction from Creighton University. A seasoned mental health and addictions therapist, Sister Deb grasps the significance of recovery work –be that from addictive substances or ongoing mental health challenges–in freeing one to hear God more clearly and follow more freely. Sr. Deb describes her approach toward spiritual direction as a shared contemplative and existential experience with another seeker in which they together attend to, discern and appreciate the movements of God calling the individual to fullness of life.

Sister is in the Arizona area

[email protected]

Sr. Kathleen Mary Hine, SND

Job title or function

Sister has a background in education and counseling and received certification in spiritual direction from the Haden Institute in Ontario, Canada.  She currently serves young and older adults from various faith traditions as they seek to deepen their personal relationship with God and with others.  Sister believes that spiritual direction is an encounter of sacred listening so that we can better recognize God's presence and invitations in our everyday lives.  Phone:  440-476-6094  or [email protected]

Sr.  Mary Charlotte Hobelman

Job title or function

I received my certificate in spiritual direction in August of 2020 from the Ignatian Spirituality Institute at John Carroll University.  I live in the Cleveland area and am able to do spiritual direction in both English and Spanish. 
Phone:  216-387-6815;  or [email protected]

Sr. Mary Leanne Hubbard

Job title or function

Sister graduated from Christian Spirituality Program at Creighton University in 2007 with certificates in Spiritual Direction, Supervision and Retreats, and MA in Christian Spirituality.  Sister also received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Washington Theological Union in 2014 in Christian Spirituality with emphasis in Ignatian Communal Discernment. 
Sister lives in Thousand Oaks, CA
805-807-5375; or [email protected]

Sr. Susan Maria Kusz

Sister Susan Maria Kusz has worked in spiritual direction and retreat ministry for the past twenty-plus years in Ohio, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin at a variety of retreat/sabbatical centers. She studied at Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in Michigan. Sr. Susan has a special love and care for creation and is deeply committed to living and promoting a sustainable way of life in care for Earth, our common home. She writes a weekly blog at

Sr. Susan is in the Oshkosh, WI area
920-231-9060, x 224

[email protected]rg

Sr. Linda Maria Pelagio

By God’s grace and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Sr. Linda Maria sees and experiences God’s loving presence in people, nature and in herself through the eyes of the heart. Spiritual direction for her is companioning and helping a person become consciously aware of God who is at work in every situation, fostering growth and developing an intimate relationship with the Divine. She completed her two-year Spiritual Direction Practicum through the Dominican Center in Grand Rapids, MI, in 2011. This program encompasses an eclectic, ecumenical and inclusive approach. She coordinates retreats for persons with disabilities, especially those who are blind and visually impaired.

Sr. Linda is in the Toledo OH area

[email protected]

Sr. Mary Dean Pfahler

Sister Mary Dean Pfahler delights in helping seekers savor their experience of Gracious Mystery in their  lives.  She completed the internship in Ignatian spirituality at Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and recently became certified as a Boundless Compassion facilitator.  A former educator in Ohio and Papua New Guinea, pastoral minister, retreat center director, and college campus mentor, she now finds joy in accompanying individuals and groups in spiritual direction, the Exercises of St. Ignatius and Boundless Compassion retreats.

Sr. Mary Dean is in the Toledo, OH area

[email protected]

Sr. Diane Marie Pfahler

For nearly 30 years, I have been blessed to accompany persons in a spiritual direction relationship where we both listen for the movement of God’s Spirit. It has been a grace to walk with men and women through trauma, decision-making, and “ordinary time.” I received my training through the Lourdes University/Diocese of Toledo 2-year Spiritual Direction Certification Program in 1991. My ministries have included teaching, catechesis, parish ministry/RCIA, community facilitation, the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal and at Spirituality Centers.

Sr. Diane is in the Brookfield, IL area (near Chicago) 419-309-1960

[email protected]

Sr. Regina Robbins

Job title or function

Sister Regina Robbins is an experienced retreat facilitator, spiritual director and supervisor.  She received certification from Mount St. Mary's University and Loyola Center for Spirituality in Los Angeles.  Her background includes formation ministry in religious life and diocesan seminary.  She is currently serving at La Reina High School as Dean of Mission.  Sister lives in
Thousand Oaks CA. Availability:  in person or by Zoom or phone.  805-796-4972

Sr. Rita Marie Schroeder

Sister Rita Marie uses spiritual direction to help persons discover God’s presence in the daily events and questions of their lives. Her ministry has enabled her to walk with college students and young adults and with those facing serious illness or their final journey. Sister received her spiritual direction certification from Manresa Jesuit Retreat Center in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Sr. Rita is in the Thousand Oaks, CA area

[email protected]

Sister Maureen Spillane, SND

Job title or function

I graduated from the Shalem Institute in Maryland as a Contemplative Spiritual Director.  I listen to the directee hearing how God is in the challenges and joys of their life. I seek to help one live in a challenging world through prayer, spiritual discernment, and responses to God.  I work in the Cleveland area and you can call me at 440-313-8177 or email me at [email protected]

Sr. Mary Rosellyn Theisen

After 26 years of ministry of spiritual direction and retreats, it is everyday a blessing to converse with others about their longings for a deeper relationship with God, people, and all creation. As a listener, I hope to be open to the Spirit, and try to prompt ways of reflecting that encourage one to be more deeply prayerful, creative, and free. One’s everyday story is where it all starts. My training has come from Columbiere Jesuit Center in Clarkston, MI and Creighton University in Omaha, NE.

Sr. Rosellyn is in the Toledo, OH area

[email protected]

Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman

After receiving training in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as a hospital chaplain, I felt pulled towards the ministry of spiritual direction as a way to journey with those who seek a deeper relationship with God. I completed my certification in spiritual direction from the Loyola Institute of Spirituality/Loyola Marymount University in Southern California in 2019. I have ministered in campus ministry at the university and high school levels since 2010 and have walked with hundreds of young adults and teenagers on their spiritual journey. Presently, I serve as Director of Vocations and Young Adult Outreach for the Sisters of Notre Dame and am blessed to walk with young women and men throughout the United States as they seek clarity on their life discernment and awaken to the fact that they are unconditionally loved by our Good God! I am available for spiritual direction in person or via digital technology.

Sr. Jennifer is in the Toledo, OH area

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